Literary Musings

Time to Read

I read over a hundred books a year yet I’m not a speed reader. How do I do it? It’s all a matter of time.

First off, and the factor I’m hoping to change soon, is that I still live with my parents therefore I’m not the one in charge of upkeep and maintenance like I will be when I own/rent my own home/apartment.

Secondly, I’m in a long distance relationship and typically only have a social life during the two to six days of the month I see my fiance. Sad yet true.

Those are the two biggest reasons why/how I can read so much. That free time will change someday once I live with said fiance. What won’t change are the other times I take advantage of reading.

I read while I eat. One hour long lunch breaks five days a week plus dinners that me, my mom and stepdad usually read through. Some people might say that’s rude but it works for us.

I read during my fifteen minute work breaks and I read while I take bubble baths. I read during commercials when I watch TV and, no matter what else I should be doing, I make sure to go to bed early enough to read for thirty minutes before I sleep.

That’s approximately three reading hours a day at an average reading page per minute.

So that’s how I read so much and why I don’t understand people who say they don’t have time to do so. Sure my numbers will drop drastically once I’ve moved out and had children but I will make sure to take time to read.


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