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Social (Media) Life

I am a compulsive Facebook checker but I hardly ever post statuses of my own. What I do enjoy, and I have only a vague idea why, is Twitter. You’d think I’d appreciate Facebook more since my “friends” are actually people I know in real life but I kind of like getting Twitter followers, retweets and favorites from people don’t have that “we’re friends in real life” obligation.

And I love how I can mention books and tag authors and have said authors actually respond! I don’t even care if they have social media gurus to do it for them. Plus I can Tweet about my blog entries and fanfiction and get readers from all over the world.

I would love to be known for my writing and social media is a good way to gather a following of individuals interested in what I’m writing. That’s why I’ve been trying to be a little more consistent with my social media. (Hint: apps and sites that allow you to schedule Tweets, blog posts, etc. are a wonderful thing for consistency!)

And, when I picked up the Adult Programming title at the library I decided to take it upon myself to start maintaining a library Twitter and Pinterest account in hopes that more advertisements will lead to better exposure and attendance. So far the accounts are mostly followed by staff members or strangers but I hope that will change.

However I do understand one important thing, I am not so connected to social media that I can’t live without it. There needs to be a balance between a real life and a social medial life.

But for the times you want to be connected, here’s some links:

My Twitter:

Library Twitter:

Library Pinterest:


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