Short Stories

The Prize

Prompt: Rory’s Story Cubes, four dice roll. Sunflower. Padlock. Arrow. Credit card.

Clint nocked his arrow and aimed through the fence. This would be a tricky shot far so many reasons. The fence. The sunflowers. The fact that his heart was racing.

Remy rested his shoulder against the Chain link fence. It was a monstrosity, ten feet tall with an additional five feet of barbed wire. And everything so thick wire cutters hadn’t even nicked it. Even now with Remy’s muscular frame against it, it hadn’t even swayed a fraction of an inch

“There’s got to be an easier way to do this,” Remy muttered as he looked through the links of the fence. All they needed to do was knock the bag of rice open so that at least one grain would fall into the winners trophy below. But they could only use the items they’d found along the way. The bow and arrow. The harmonica. The Monopoly pieces.

Clint frowned and nocked yet another arrow. “This has to be right,” he said as he aimed for the dangling bag. He had to wait until it stopped swiveling.

“Damn it,” he groaned when the second to last arrow missed. The sunflower field kept messing up the shot.

Remy knelt down and rifled through the bag where they’d been storing the stuff they’d found. And then his hand lit on a small, slim piece of plastic.

He barely even heard Clint’s “wish me luck” as he prepared the last arrow because his mind was racing. He did hear Clint’s agonized groan when the arrow didn’t hit it’s target.

Clint leaned his head against the fence in defeat. Four weeks of televised feats of intelligence and agility and they’d be walking away with nothing. And he thought they’d definitely win when he saw the bow. He’d taught his sons archery just two summers before when the boys had been on a survivalist kick!

And then he heard it. Rice hitting metal.

Clint’s eyes popped open and through the sunflowers he saw a grinning Remy pouring rice out of the bag. “Ho…?”

When Remy emptied the bag he stepped towards the fence and handed Clint the credit card they’d had to find as the first step of the journey. “I picked the padlock with this.”

Clint smiled. “We just won a million dollars!”

The two best friends were still smiling giddily when the host of the show suddenly appeared on Clint’s side of the fence. “Yes, you did! I am pleased to announce that Clint and Remy just won the first season of Think It Out!”



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