Literary Musings

Fantasy to Mystery

I have bits and pieces of no less than half a dozen novels under my belt. (Now if only I could finish editing one, find an agent/publisher and actually get it published…but that’s for another post.) And the first five are similar in a very broad why with their teen protagonists and magical elements. I’ve written about fairies and vampires and werewolves (oh my).

Even most of the fanfiction I write is Harry Potter. Magic all around. But just this year I’ve written, posted and gotten a decent following for a couple Brooklyn Nine-Nine fanfiction stories. For those of you who don’t know, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom set in a police precinct, fun but no magic at all.

Since that went over so well I decided to roll with a completely different type of novel for Camp National Novel Writing Month, and one that is semi-easy to write because I’m doing the whole “write what you know” kind of thing in a way.

The main setting? A library.

The main character? A twenty something year old librarian.

What I hope will never happen? Stalking and murder. (This is where the “kind of” comes into the whole “write what you know” thing).

So far it’s been fun though I’m trying hard to keep my co-workers and library patrons from influencing my characters too much.

And what’s even more interesting? I have a few other novel ideas and most of them are more murder mystery type than fantastical. So weird. My tastes are changing (though that does not mean I don’t still love my witches and vampires and magic).



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