Literary Musings

Emotional Writing

Emotional writing. No I’m not talking about the act of writing, or even reading, scenes that make you want to cry, curse, or laugh out loud. (Though I will say it is incredibly awkward to read a doggy death scene while eating lunch alone at Arby’s. Crying into a burger is no good. No good at all.) I’m talking about writing when the writer is feeling emotional in his/her personal life.

Now I will say that I try to write no matter what mood I’m in (and I think all writers have to do this or else they’d get nothing done) but I have noticed that anger and sadness make my pen fly faster. I’m not sure why but it’s always been this way. This is why I think I’ve written so much in the past few years. Being in a long distance relationship and watching friends get married when they’ve been dating for less time than the fiance and I have been engaged is just a roller coaster of emotion.

The most interesting thing though? My feelings don’t have to match the scene I’m writing to get my words flowing. I’ve written lovey dovey romantic scenes when I’m pissed off about something or other. I’ve written triumphant “we won” scenes with tears, and not the happy kind, in my eyes.

This makes me really curious to see how much writing gets done when my life gets more settled and if I’ll seem really odd to other people. “My husband forgot to bring out the trash again and it made me angry! Which was great because I was able to finish that novel.”


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