To Read or Not to Read?

The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl On the Train has been a pretty popular book to check out at the library I work at and the description looked interesting enough. But I was hesitant to read it myself. Why, you might ask? Because when I looked at online reviews people kept  comparing it to Gone Girl and I absolutely hated Gone Girl. But it turned out okay.  In fact I really liked The Girl On the Train.

The gist: Rachel is a struggling alcoholic who rides the same train every day and loves watching a couple, she can see when said train stops at a signal. She thinks their life is perfect or at least imagines that it is. And then it’s proven that it isn’t. That’s when Rachel gets involved. Other players? Rachel’s ex-husband Tom and new wife Anna.

The mystery: Megan goes missing and her husband Scott is the primary suspect.  Rachel, who has seen them interact from her seat on the train, doesn’t believe it for a minute.

The characters are, for the most part, unlikable  but I did feel some sympathy for Rachel and Megan. (A big reason why I didn’t like Gone Girl was because nobody had any redeeming qualities.) Plus I really did want to know what had happened to Megan. I kept making guesses that turned out to be wrong which is way better than being able to guess everything right up front. And the ending?  Satisfying.

All in all The Girl On the Train was a pretty good mystery and only very vaguely similar to Gone Girl.


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