Short Stories


Prompt: Rory’s Story Cubes, enchanted pack. Three dice roll. Werewolf. Magic mirror. Goblin.

The full moon was only two nights away when Caleb unearthed the box he’d been searching for for years. He dusted off the top and undid the lock all with trembling fingers.

And there it was. A hand mirror so old that the glass was wavy and thick. He tried to lift it up by the ornately decorated handle and winced in pain. Silver not iron. He quickly pulled his sleeve down over his hand and tried again.

He wasted no time in inspecting the details more thoroughly, whispering the words he’d been taught with reverence.

A face didn’t appear in the glass like what happened to magic mirrors in movies. Instead, words appeared on the surface.

What do you desire?

Caleb took a deep breath and silently ran over what he wanted to say. He had to get it exactly right.

“I am cursed. On the night of each full moon I turn into a wolf. I am a werewolf but I don’t want to be. My greatest wish, my desire, is to no longer be a werewolf.”

The mirror vibrated in his hand, the words fading away. It seemed like nothing else had happened so he pulled his shirtsleeve back up and touched the silver handle with his bare skin. It didn’t burn.

He was smiling up until the point when he went to put the mirror back in the box and caught a look at his reflection. He stared in disbelief at the green skin, bald head, and pointy ears. That definitely was not what his reflection had looked like before.

But he knew one thing for certain: he wouldn’t be turning into a werewolf every again. Goblins couldn’t become wolves, in fact they were allergic to them. Deathly allergic.

He’d gotten his wish but he’d paid dearly for it.


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