Literary Musings

I Want a Fandom

Fandom: fan/fantastic+kingdom. A word used to describe a group of fans who share a common interest and are very active in expressing said interest. Not ever fan belongs to a fandom. Due to my tattoos, fanfiction work, etc. I say I belong to several.

So why am I blogging about fandoms? The answer is simple. Once i start getting books published I want there to be a fandom centered around me/my books. That may be vain but it’s true.

Someday I want to Google my novels and find out what crazy ass pairings my readers are shipping. I want to go to an event and find people dressed up as my book characters. I want someone to love a book cover so much they do nail art or get tattoos based off of it.

I understand these might be unrealistic expectations but hey a girl can dream, right?

(And thinking about all this makes me wonder…do best selling authors like it when fans go all crazy over their work or do they hate it? I know there are some who have specifically stated they don’t want people writing fanfiction about their book characters but that may be more of a creative ownership thing or not.


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