Literary Musings

Don’t Force Read

Now that title doesn’t have anything to do with Star Wars (though it is making me wonder whether using the Force to read would be possible and/or fun at all. Maybe for schoolwork but probably not for pleasure, right?) So what am I trying to say? If a book is so bad that you have to force yourself to read it, then don’t.

I am not, however, suggesting that you should quit a book if you’re grading on it nor should you skip reading something if it’s part of your job. But if you’re reading for pleasure then you should actually enjoy it. And that doesn’t even mean that every book should make you all starry eyed happy. Read any genre, any kind of book, just as long as you enjoy it.

I don’t know but I, and many others according to what I’ve seen online, feel bad when they don’t finish a book they’ve started. In fact it’s just been in the past few years that I’ve started giving up on sucky books. You know why? Because life is too damn short to spend time reading something that sucks if you don’t have to. And I admit I struggle with that and I give books, especially self-published Kindle books, quite a lot of leeway. I should probably give up more often since I could easily read two good books during the same time I struggle through a bad one.

(And on a similar note. I’ve seen people say online that someone shouldn’t review a book they haven’t finished. You know what I say? If you sincerely tried a book and just couldn’t get through it then write a review. Tell people what you disliked about it and give it a one star rating if you feel that’s what it needs. I often look at one star reviews first and find them very useful.)


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