To Read or Not to Read?

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Now this mini-summary may seem full of spoilers but it’s all right there on the inside flap, just in different words. So here goes. At the start of the book super busy lawyer Kate gets a surprising call from her daughter’s school. Amelia has been suspending for cheating. But by the time Kate arrives at the school the situation has gotten even worse. Amelia is dead. At first her fall from the roof is deemed suicide. Kate doesn’t believe that but also doesn’t start investigating, not until she receives a text proclaiming “Amelia didn’t jump.”

What follows is a mother’s investigation into every aspect of her daughter’s life, emails, texts, Facebook posts. Only Kate doesn’t end just end up digging up her daughter’s past but her own as well.

The format of the book is along the same lines of many other thrillers that have been published lately with sections switching back and forth between before and after the main incident. In the before scenes Amelia acts as narrator while Kate is the voice of the current/later sections. We see Kate remembering past conversations and then we later experience them with Amelia. These parallels were done well. So so well.

But the book is about so much more than just the mystery. It’s about lies, relationships (familial, friendly, and romantic) secret societies, and bullying. It’s a fast paced read because of that.

So if you like a good mystery then Reconstructing Amelia might just be for you.


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