Library Life

Adult Coloring Club

First of all…why does adding “adult” to something always make it sound like a bow-chicka-wow-wow thing? Because the library Adult Coloring Club is not meant to be dirty, it’s just meant to be fun.

As I think I mentioned before, I am in charge of Adult Programming at the library. That means I have to try and come up with things people can do at the library, things to get them involved. And that’s hard, to get a whole bunch of different people with different interests and schedules involved in something. But when a patron suggested a coloring club, I was intrigued. I like coloring and I knew a lot of people who brought coloring supplies to college.

And then I looked it up online and found that there are a lot of adults getting together to color and there are even psychological reasons why it’s a good hobby to have. It works both sides of your brain. It can improve your mood. All in all, it’s amazing.

So I planned a coloring program and promoted it at the library and on the library’s social media sites. For the first try I got three participants. Three, including me and my mother. I was disappointed.

But the second attempt? Seventeen people! Older, younger, library employees, regular patrons and once I haven’t seen in a lot. It was amazing! And it sounds like it’s going to become a “thing.”


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