Short Stories

Around the Campfire

Prompt: A scary story is told around a summer camp campfire.

Jade looked at all the glowing eyes around the fire and she felt nothing but contempt. It was the last night of the last summer she had to work at Camp Mustang and she was going to make the little hellions pay.

Even though scary stories were a no-no (“do you want to be up all night consoling terrified children?”) that’s what she was going. Scare the shit out of them. The little monsters deserved it. And with her boyfriend popping out of the trees at just the right time it would be easy enough to get them shrieking.

She cleared her throat and began the tale she’d cooked up with James the week before her parents had shipped her off to be a camp counselor.

“The first year Camp Mustang opened wasn’t 1982 like all the signs say. It was 1979. But no one will tell you that because of what happened that first year.

“A group of campers left their cabins after lights out and came right here to this fire pit. The first night nothing happened but fun. The second night was the same. The third night though…the third night was different.”

Jade smirked when she saw that several of the campers were already fidgeting, presumably already scared. She couldn’t wait for her grand finale.

“The campers told scary stories for hours, laughter and shrieks rent the air. Then they heard the noise. A chain saw.

“At first they thought it was a prank. Why would they think otherwise? But then a masked man appeared from the shadows and took the kids down, one by one. He chased everyone who tried to run away.

“A counselor found this site the next morning, the ground drenched with blood, body parts piled high in the fire pit. And just when the counselor was about to scream…”

The sound of a chainsaw tore through the quiet night and the campers screamed, more than one of them rushing into the night.

Jade let the cries rise and then laughed, searching behind her for James. “That was fantastic!” she crowed.

The man wielding the chain saw appeared from the shadows and the laughter died in Jade’s throat.

It wasn’t James.


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