Library Life

Fun With Fall Library Programs

When I first took up the title of Adult Programming at the library I was flustered and a little unsure. I felt thrown for a loop even though I’d been wanting the job, particularly because the Summer Reading Program program started more or less the same week I did. Thankfully I already had an idea of what I wanted to do just in case and so I was able to implement things on the fly. Boy was that stressful. But it went well. Really well. And now I have so many ideas.

Since then I’ve started an Adult Coloring Club that seems like it’ll be a hit. ( We went from 3 participants the first time I tried to 16 the second try). I have someone coming in to do a presentation on the haunted history of a local reformatory and that should, hopefully, go over well. Our town really loves ghost related things! And I have an interactive Banned Books awareness display that has gotten some notice at the library and on the library’s Facebook page.

And that’s just the start of my fall ideas. Some should be pretty easy to coordinate while others may not work because we’re located int he middle of nowhere. I’m a little leery of paying someone to travel for an hour to do an hour long program with the chance that I’ll be the only one to show up. And believe me, it’s definitely happened where the only attendee is the coordinator.

But I’m still full of ideas and I’m cautiously optimistic.


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