Short Stories


Prompt: A teenager discovers something while on a beach vacation.

“We need to be back at the resort by four,” Jordan’s mother said as she looked at the itinerary she’d printed out weeks earlier. “If we arrive there even a minute late we won’t all have time to shower before dinner.”

“Oh no,” Jordan sarcastically murmured as she trailed after her mother and new stepfather. At first she’d loved the idea of vacation. A whole week at the beach! Swimming, relaxing, maybe a surfing lesson or two. But her mom wasn’t letting any of that happen. She had ever minute of every day scheduled down to the last minute.

Jordan stopped in her tracks. It wasn’t just vacation though, she suddenly realized. Her mom planned her whole life out for her. Jordan never, ever got to do anything for herself. She looked up and saw that, just as she expected, her mother just kept walking, sure in the fact that Jordan would follow.

So Jordan waited just long enough that there was no way her mother would hear and then she ran as quietly and as fast as she could in the sand. Her goal was the beautiful little lagoon they’d passed by earlier, the lagoon her mom wouldn’t stop by for even just a minute because it would “mess up their schedule.”

Surprisingly enough the lagoon was empty so Jordan rushed to the water, the gently waves sucking at her sandals. She kicked them off with no hesitation and enjoyed just walking up and down the beach. But then the noises started.

It sounded like a hiss and a slurp all rolled into one and she backed away as the waves suddenly rushed up around her knees.

Only it wasn’t just water that washed up. When the waves receded there was a girl crumpled on the sand. A girl with a fish tail.

“This just got interesting,” Jordan whispered to herself and smiled.


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