Literary Musings

High Hopes for the Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters are a race of warriors, humans born with angel blood who ware the invention of the author Cassandra Clare. So far Clare has written two complete series set in their world and has several more planned. And I freely admit that I will likely read all of the ones she’s going to publish in the next decade. They’ve been so popular that there was also a move, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which came out last year. The movie was just okay.

But what all fans are fangirling/fanboying (wait…is fanboying a word?) over and that’s the Shadowhunters series that will air on ABC Family starting next year.

Now I’ve read and watched Pretty Little Liars, another book to ABC Family show, so I know that there will likely be changes galore. The trailer posted last week already proves that.

Btu here’s the thing. Yes I prefer an adaptation to follow the original as close as possible and I’ve even posted my frustration about ones that don’t yet that doesn’t mean I can’t separate and appreciate the two mediums. Case in point: the above mentioned Pretty Little Liars, something I read and watch as a guilty pleasure.

So even though there are differences I have seen photos which give me hope for the Shadowhunters series. The cast members are very attractive. The sets and props I’ve seen pictures of are pretty cool. All in all I have hopes. Pretty high ones even.


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