Literary Musings

Psychologically Scary

My mom told me that when I was little, think pacifiers and mid-night diaper changes little, I loved scary movies. I’d wake up in the middle of the night for a change or a bottle and my eyes would be glued to the scary movie my parents were watching and I would refuse to stop watching.

Now, I don’t remember this of course. And it’s really surprising to me because I hate hate hate scary movies now. Watching a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre had me jumping every time I saw a house/barn that looked like the settings in the movie. The Ring had me covering my TV with a pillowcase for a week. I even have to look away during certain commercials, especially for movies that feature possessions. And clowns. Clowns are terrifying.

But even though I don’t like watching scary movies I love reading scary stories, real or otherwise. If a movie looks kind of interesting but I know I could never stand to watch it I will look up the synopsis online and read that instead of trying to watch the darn thing. Famous murderers and unsolved cases? I’ve probably researched them before. Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia cases…I’ve looked into them all. It intrigues me in a morbid “I want chills to run down my back” kind of way.

The main type of stories I like to read? Things that are psychologically scary. If the character questions his/her sanity I love it. I don’t just want a murderer popping up and taking out people out of the blue. No, I want the murderer, ghost, etc. to stalk the person. I want it to start out all sweet and innocent and then slowly evolve into something spine chilling. I want to question my own sanity by the time the story is over. That’s what gets to me. Just don’t try to make me watching something like that. I won’t do it.


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