Library Life


First of all I want to apologize for having not posted for a full month. That was partially because I unsuccessfully attempted National Novel Writing Month. (I had the best of intentions and a good idea but life, and a crazy virus, got in the way). The other really big reason I’ve been behind on posts is because I am still switching gears at the library and it’s been rough.

For over four years I’ve been Outreach Coordinator which means I planned and presented educational programs at local nursing homes and senior centers. I also chose and delivered books to homebound patrons. Then in June I was also given the Adult Programming position so I was planning coloring clubs and other programs for the over eighteen crowd. Now, as I believe I vaguely mentioned in my last post so long ago, I am the new Head of Youth Services.

The transition period has been a little rough, we just officially hired my Outreach and Adult Programming replacements last week and so I’ve been training them while I transition into working with the kids. And it’s been a pretty crazy transition! I’m going from planning things for senior citizens and adults to ones for children birth to age eighteen! But I am super excited. I’ve been wanting a position like this for years!

So what does that mean for the blog? More fun stories in the Library Life category and reviews of kids books in the To Read or Not to Read? section. It’s going to be awesome!


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