Library Life

New Year, New (Old) Programming

In a way this post is a follow up to the 2016 post I put up just a few days ago…

As the new Head of Youth Services (clearly I’m excited about that title what with the fact that I keep throwing it around every change I get) I find myself in an interesting conundrum. I want to make some changes in regards to the children’s programs but I don’t want to rock the boat too much and change too many things too fast. I don’t want to confuse the children or alienate the parents but I honestly believe that the changes I have in mind can, and will, help the library.

I’ve already got one of the new things implemented and that’s something simple: extended hours for LEGO Club (which is actually a really good program…it helps build STEAM skills which stands for Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math.) The K-5th graders really seem to love it and I want to give more kids a chance to stop by and play/learn. (Though as I write the rough draft of this post during LEGO Club all I have to say is…where is everyone?!)

I also plan on adding one or more storytimes covering different age groups along with a revamp (opening songs! closing songs! flannel boards!) of our current storytimes. Hopefully the kids and grandparents will be okay with a little bit more structure.

I also have ideas for the teens and tweens. Personally I think they sound awesome but who knows how attendance will be even if they do like my ideas. Darn kids this days.

So hopefully I can implement some of those new ideas and hopefully I can get people to show up.


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