To Read or Not to Read?

Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Note: I received a free copy of Black Widow: Forever Red from NetGalley a very long, long time ago in exchange for an honest review.

I am so annoyed at myself that I took this long to read this novel. Obviously I was drawn to it because it’s about Black Widow and she’s my girl. (Case in point…the library Summer Reading Program last year was about superheroes and I bought a Black Widow jacket and wore it with black leggings often. It was especially cool with my dyed red hair.) Now moving on to the story itself.

This was a very fast passed read. If I wouldn’t have had to work I could have had it done in one day instead of two. Now that doesn’t mean it wasn’t well thought out or well characterized or well written, it was all of those things. It was just a quick read because of the mystery, intrigue, and action packed-ness of a typical Marvel movie only with more back story.

Forever Red was about not only Natasha but two new characters named Ava and Alex. I liked how there were hints to the character’s histories together that weren’t fully explained until we got farther into the story. And I even liked how it was set against a backdrop of a Department of Defense briefing/hearing. Each scene showed Nat’s snarky personality and hinted at just enough to keep me reading without spoiling absolutely everything.

This ended up being very interesting and I especially love the whole “girl power” theme going on in this series. I just wish the book could be popular enough that Marvel would realize we need a freaking Black Widow movie!

I can’t wait to read more about what is sure to be an interesting pairing.


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