Literary Musings


What have I been distracted by lately? I mean, other than the new job that I’ve harped one not once or twice but at least three times since I was given the new position in October. (I’ve been a little excited…oops. Sorry if I sound obsessive.)

Well, the answer is fanfiction. And it’s not just any fanfiction that I’ve been typing up. I am in the middle of the biggest undertaking I have attempted so far. A crossover of epic proportions between two of my biggest fandoms; Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the first thing I ever looked up fanfiction about…way back when I really shouldn’t have been reading what I found) and Harry Potter (my absolute favorite thing to write fanfiction about.)

So what makes a crossover so much more difficult than a piece written about one fandom in general? It’s not the characterization exactly but how I think the character will react in such a different environment. Sure the characters from Buffy have experience with magic but not the kind of magic associated with Hogwarts. Putting characters into completely new situations is fun yet challenging.

Now I just can’t wait to finish typing up the story (which will likely be in at least eight parts due to it’s length!), editing, and then start posting. I hope I’ll find at least a couple of other fans who like the idea of a Hogwarts student as a Vampire Slayer and the Scooby gang agreeing to help teach Hogwarts alternate ways to defeat the Death Eaters. You’ll have to read it to find out how that works out.



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