Library Life

Being Crafty (At Work)

I spent about three weeks working multiple jobs before I officially took on my most recent promotion on a full time basis. One of the many benefits of the Youth Services position was my own office, which my boss offered to rearrange before I moved into it.  In said space there are two desks placed in an “l shape” and a set of bookshelves. My first reaction was…”wow, I finally get my own office and not just a cubicle.” My second reaction was…”how can I know how I want to rearrange my office when I haven’t been in it for more than two hours so far?”

What I ended up deciding was that I wanted that extra desk space even though I was slightly worried that I would just end up piling random things on top of it in a feat of organized chaos. And yes I do have some papers and catalogs piled up there but they are definitely more organized than chaotic. But I’ve actually used it for what I was hoping I would and that’s for practicing/doing crafts.

See, as the Head of Youth Services, I try to have something craft related to do with every storytime, and sometimes when I do programs for the teenagers. I think hands on activities are important for kids of all ages. But I feel like I need to make sure I know what I’m doing before I ask the kids to do it so I almost always attempt the craft first and that extra desk space is perfect for that. And, of course, I also use the space to work on display decorations and props for different events.

Just in the past few months I have drew and colored birds for a display, practiced making my own puffy paint (and it turned out awesome!), and I made a top hat for a magical themed Storytime. I can only hope the rest of my Youth Services library career will be as crafty.


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