To Read or Not to Read?

NEED by Joelle Charbonneau

Note: I received a free copy of NEED from NetGalley a very long time ago. I also read it quite awhile ago and just forgot to write a review. Oops and double oops. So here’s the review!

NEED’s premise, the existence of a social media site which will give you whatever you want (for a price, of course) was an interesting one. With the selfishness of many teens, especially ones so obsessed with social media, the idea seemed like a possible one. I can certainly imagine plenty of teens taking advantage of something like that without really thinking the consequences through, at least when the “price” was along the lines of delivering a dirty letter to someone or pulling a prank.

But then the prices escalated and the story started to become unbelievable, at least to me. Would there really be that many teens in one community who would be willing to kill an animal or a person just to get concert tickets or a new phone? I really hope not. And the fact that only a few of the many main characters questioned the prices was hard to believe.

Now onto other issues. I am no stranger to books with many characters but in NEED it was so hard to keep track of everyone since the passages were so short and the character’s were lacking in development. I usually have a pretty good memory when it comes to books and, just months later, NEED has only three characters that I remember and one wasn’t even a point of view character. They just weren’t fleshed out enough to be memorable which is a definite problem.

Another problem? That ending. So so convoluted.

So all in all NEED was a fairly easy read, it just could have used a couple of tweaks to get it to a four star, memorable status.


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