Library Life

Books Galore!

I’ve always loved books and libraries so working at one is honestly a dream come true. Though I’ve found that starting a new library job or orders of new books can be dangerous. “How?” you might ask. Well, let’s just take a look at my TBR (to be read) list, shall we? (A large pile of books might seem innocuous but…what if it falls over?! Or knocks something else over?! That could be horrible, right?)

I’m honestly not going to list all the books I currently have checked out on my library card after starting this newish (just over a month) job and seeing all the new/different books they have in their collection. Let’s just say that I have well over a dozen checked out and a list three times that size to check out in the future. And that’s how it goes with me. I have plans and lists and books I already have checked out and then I see a book on the shelf and just have to read it regardless of how many others I already have.

Now I’m not saying this situation is a bad thing. Everyone can and should read what they want when they want to. Unless, as I’ve said before, they are being graded or paid to read something. But sometimes I go a little overboard. I know there is no way I can read that many books in the check out period so why not make a note and check out the book later? That would be the sensible thing to do, right?

But wait…is that a pretty new book I see with it’s covers and labels so fresh? Gimme!


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