Short Stories


Prompt: Story Dice Google App. Three dice roll. Toaster. Silverware. Airplane.

William sighed and then straightened his shoulders as he approached the conveyor belt where he was meant to place his luggage. This was a stupid idea. Beyond stupid. Go to jail for who knows how long kind of stupid. But he had to join his father’s fraternity no matter what stupid shit they forced him to do during the hazing period. It was a requirement in order to receive his inheritance.

He threw his carry on onto the conveyor belt, emptied his pockets, and tossed off his shoes just like the security personnel told him. Now wasn’t the time to make a scene, that would come later. In fact he wouldn’t have to do anything at all, the luggage would do it for him.

He watched as his bag got closer and closer to the x-ray machine, his stomach churning. He wanted to pull it back out of the line and run far far away but he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe they’d accept that it was just a prank and he’d get away with it? Maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as he thought it would.

Then the alarms started beeping and he was surrounded.

He sat in a room, alone, for ten minutes before they came in to speak with him.

“Do you know why your luggage set off the alarm?”

“Yes,” William said with the cocky air he was supposed to have. He was not supposed to mention the fraternity or try to apologize. That wasn’t part of the initiation. “I mean, I’m assuming it was because of the silverware. And the toaster.”

“Why would you even pack those items?”

“I like toast.”

“And the silverware?”

“I like to eat my toast with a knife and fork. Don’t you?”

“Do you think this is funny?”

“Don’t you?”

The security agent just stared at him until William started sweating. He didn’t want to break character but he also didn’t want to go to jail. Half a million was on the line. Even though, he was about to break.

Then the agent started laughing and it was William’s turn to stare. “They didn’t tell you they’d I’d be in on it, did they?” the agent asked.

William’s mouth dropped open.


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