Library Life

New Program Nerves

I may be well on my way to turning thirty (though I may start adamantly denying that fact…I haven’t decided yet) but I still get very nervous very easily. Driving to new places, meeting new people, even answering the phone when I don’t know what to expect on the other end can make me break out in a cold sweat. Which means that tomorrow is going to be a rough day for me. That’s because it’s my first non book club related teen event that wasn’t already planned before I started working at my new (can you still call it new after a month?) job.

I did teen programming for about five months at my previous job and I’d been working there for years before that so I knew what a lot of the kids were into. That made it easier to plan though even with the foreknowledge the stuff I prepared fell flat. Now I’m in a whole different boat because I don’t really know the teens all that well. Heck, I’d been working at the library for less than two full weeks when I even planned what we’re going to be doing tomorrow.

That means my nerves and anxiety are going haywire. Yep, I am worried that a group of teens and pre-teens are going to either not show up to my program or they’re going to up and leave. I suppose it’s normal enough to have some worries since programming is part of my job but I also think I probably worry too much than I have to. I’m pretty sure everyone understands that sometimes something just doesn’t turn out how you expected.

So I’m going to try and calm down but…please, pretty please let it turn out okay. Okay?

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