Library Life

Post Program

Since I posted about my library programming nerves just last week I figured it would be a good idea to also post an after-program piece. For posterity.

So here goes. On May 20th we had what I called an “Op Art” Program. I’m not entirely sure how I even came up with the idea in the first place but I did. (Though I blame Pinterest.) Op art is art using optical illusions and what not and I figured, who doesn’t love illusions and weird things your brain does? So I checked out a whole bunch of books with various optical illusions and did a little research on some easy illusions that teens could draw themselves.

Last Friday I prepared the room. I spread out the books and the craft supplies and I handed out some lovely printouts on different illusions when the teens showed up. We talked about a few of the big ones, (duck or rabbit?) and why our brains do weird things sometimes. Then I let them get their hands on those books and supplies.

I am pleased to say that all nine of them stuck around throughout the entire program. I actually had to usher a couple of kids out of the room because they didn’t want to leave!

Now nine may not sound like a lot, according to the statistics I’ve seen from the newish job it’s actually a little on the low side, but the kids there were interested. They looked at the books, they did the crafts, and we talked about books and the Summer Reading Program. It was fun and I’m definitely calling it a success! It has me looking forward to future programming!


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