Library Life

Hello Summer

Last year, at the library I was working at then, I was given the Adult Services position just weeks before the Summer Reading Program for the kids was set to begin and I wanted to do something to get the adults reading as well. And I had a surprisingly great turn out though I learned a lot. (Do not give prizes out for everything or you will end up spending waaay too much money. And you will become very suspicious. Did that person really read that many books in just a week?)

Then, just eight short months ago I was sitting in my newly appointed Head of Youth Services office looking at the humongous book that contained all of the information for the Collaborative Summer Library¬†Program and, even though summer was so far away, I had to get started planning. And I came up with ideas and I had Pinterest boards galore because, come on, I was going to be doing programming for everyone aged 0-18 and that was a big endeavor though really the teens didn’t participate at all. And then, just when my outlining began to really flesh out, I ended up with a new library job.

Now, instead of three programs a week focusing on the 10 and under crowd, I’m doing two programs a week for the 11-15 year old crowd. That’s a bit of a difference. So, for the next two months, my Thursdays will be spent hanging out and watching some fun sports themed movies with some teenagers. We’ve got the classics (Karate Kid, Mighty Ducks, etc.) and some newer ones (Soul Surfer.) And then on Fridays a little bit of everything from duct tape crafts to Wii games. Not exactly what I had planned at my old job but all of the activities chosen for this summer have been done before at my new library and done successfully so I figured why not use what I was given? By next year I’ll know more about the area and the kids and will be able to come up with some awesome new stuff to do.

And I can’t really complain because there are already quite a few people signed up for stuff, the movies and the other activities that will start at the end of the week! It’s certainly going to be interesting!

So, to everyone starting up your Summer Programs this week, good luck and have fun!




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