Literary Musings

Secret Fanfiction

If you’ve read all of my blog posts or looked closely about the “About Me” section or have seen some of my Tweets on Twitter then you know that I write fanfiction. I’m not ashamed of it and will freely admit that I also sometimes spend hours reading other people’s works when I have plenty of other, more important things that need doing.

But I’m not 100% open about all of my online writings. I actually have two different accounts, one of which you may have heard of because that’s the one I post about on social media sites. The other handle and site is known by only one other person.

Now it’s not that I’m ashamed of this other account either it’s just that the “secret one” is where I post my more sensual work. I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing or reading smutty fanfiction or books or what not but there’s also a handful of reasons why I don’t want my name attached to that account. Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. Some people are easily offended and really skeeved out by anything dirty. I don’t want a potential employer, etc. finding those works and judging me because of it. Or even worse, some of the teens I work with finding them! However, if I end up writing novels and getting paid for them I certainly won’t be worried because, at least in my head, that changes things but right now that’s not the case.
  2. Many of my social media accounts have my name and a picture attached to them. I really don’t think most fanfiction readers get so far into being a fan that they look up an author picture and recognize people on the street but what if they did? That idea skeeves me out.
  3. Okay, okay. I may not necessarily be ashamed but yeah, I’m a little embarrassed when it comes to the naughty things. I think that’s part of human nature.

And I don’t think this is a bad thing. In a “tell and post everything in your life” age, why shouldn’t someone be able to keep something private? So for now I’m going to keep my anonymity, at least in one aspect of my writing life.


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