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B-Fest Teen Book Festival

I had the proud honor of being involved in the first ever Barnes and Noble B-Fest Teen Book Festival. (Maumee, Ohio version…I specify since the festival was a nationwide thing.)

About a month ago I was approached, via email, by a Barnes and Noble manager. She informed me that the stores would be holding their very own teen book festival and she was hoping I could offer up some teen volunteers to help them with event AND she wanted to know if I would like to sit on a discussion panel and talk about teen books. Obviously, as a teen librarian and an avid reader of books bearing Young Adult stickers, I said yes.

So on Friday I traversed over to the mall for my discussion panel early only to, purposefully, stumble upon the trivia contest they had going on and was pleased to see several of the girls from my library book club there. (I was also very sad that I didn’t get to compete and kind of wish I had filled out the quiz myself just to see how I would have done against everyone. I pretty sure I would have won. But I also have more than a decade of reading under my belt than any of the teens so…moving on.)

Then the discussion panel started. There were two authors (that I had never heard of…sorry guys!), another librarian, and the manager/bookseller from Barnes and Noble there. It was fairly low key and there weren’t many people in the audience but even so, I really wish I had been given the specific topics beforehand so I could have prepared better. I have such good ideas but blank until 45 seconds after the ideas were relevant. If I had known the exact questions earlier I could have wrote down points to make! But, oh well. Better luck next time.

And then I stopped by on Saturday to see some of the fun games they had and because the girl I asked to volunteer was there. I have to admit that I was jealous. I didn’t have things like book stores and teen book festivals when I was actually a teen. Partially because YA books weren’t such a big thing back then and partially because I grew up in the middle of nowhere. (Let’s just say that that is one reason why I’m kind of okay with having moved to a bigger city…there are so many opportunities for things like this.)

So, all in all I thought the B-fest Teen Book Festival was pretty neat and I definitely hope they think of me if they do it again next year!


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