Library Life

Chocolate in the library!

When I started my current library job they already had all the Summer Reading Program programs all set up, most of which had/have little to do with the the collaborative summer reading theme. The most strenuous so far was the Chocolate Olympics, an event which the library has hosted at least every other year for the past six years (from what I remembering seeing on the records/calendars.)

Now what was so crazy about the Chocolate Olympics, you might ask. Well, if you have to ask that question then you haven’t been the only adult in a room full of twenty to thirty teenagers full of sugar. Just planning it was madness considering the fact that the library has a chocolate fountain and, I knew from descriptions from past years, that I had to use it. That was already something I’d never done before. So first I had to buy all the supplies.

And then came the day of the program where I had to set up for twenty-six teenagers! I spent over an hour melting chocolate and had to have activities planned to fill up two hours. There was trivia, relay races, musical chairs, and of course, chocolate.

Surprisingly enough, even though I was the only adult in a sea full of teenagers hyped up on sugar everything turned out perfectly okay. The mess wasn’t that extensive and a good time was had by all. All in all it was a very successful program.

Now onto my last few weeks of Summer Reading and, to end it all, a Harry Potter midnight release party that you’ll be reading about in the future!


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