To Read or Not to Read?

Tumbling by Caela Carter

With the summer Olympics on the horizon and a sports/exercise Summer Reading Program theme I thought it was appropriate to make sure that I had some related materials in the library. And, as an avid supporter of Team USA gymnasts I definitely wanted to get my hands on this book as soon as it was available to be read. And I did.

If you ever watched the ABC Family show Make It or Break It then you’d understand the gist of this book. It follows five very different gymnasts during the two days of the Olympic trials. There are the new gymnasts, the veterans who have already won Olympic medals, the all-arounders and the specialists. There are the girls who are all gymnastics all the time and the ones who have tried to have more of a “normal” life. And there are the girls who still want the Olympics and those who just feel like they owe it to their family and coaches to keep trying even though they may not want it anymore.

I really enjoyed this book. The girls were individuals and there were enough interesting qualities to keep everyone straight in my head. There were girls I cheered for and those I felt sympathy for and I definitely had my favorites. And then, just like while watching the actual Olympics, there was stress felt on my part because I just knew someone was going to end up injured. There was a good balance between gymnastics specific facts (I could picture some of the moves but had to Google others so I could picture the routines correctly) and “normal every day girl” drama which I thought made sense. (I can’t imagine all gymnasts are 100% gymnastics, 100% of the time.)

And now I’m super amped about Summer Olympics and just have to find a way to watch it when I don’t have cable anymore.


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