Short Stories

PLL Fanfic Sneak Peek

In light of the somewhat recent return of Pretty Little Liars (which I have not been able to watch since Netflix isn’t that up to date…darn you Netflix!) I want to share my PLL fanfiction that I posted back in 2015 after the big Charles debacle. If you like this you can finish it up here:

April 25th, 2017

She smiled when he stepped into her room. He was the third visitor she’d had in the five years since the State of Pennsylvania had declared her mentally insane and had sent her to the Torrance State Hospital.

At first he didn’t say a word. He just pulled out a chair and stared at her as she sat at her desk.

“Did I do something wrong?” she finally whispered.

“They haven’t figured out it’s me yet so obviously not. You’re such a good girl. I just wish…” he trailed off, looking wistful.

“You wish what?”

He sighed and finally met her piercing gaze. “I’m getting married in a couple of months. I wish you could be there but obviously you won’t be able to attend. I just wanted you to hear it from me before the press gets a hold of the news. I know you still keep tabs on the girls.”

She nodded but inside she was seething. How dare he do this after everything she’d done for him? She was here in this place because of him, because he’d implied that they could be together once all was said and done. She couldn’t just let him do this.


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