To Read or Not to Read?

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by

With The Winds of Winter nowhere in sight and with the excitement of Season 6 of Game of Thrones I finally got around to reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms because I wanted more of the world good old George RR Martin created.

Now this collection of short stories was a little different from the full length novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series. First of all, these are set nearly a century before the novels/television series, during the reign of the Targaryens. So getting to read a bit more about the screwed up line of the blood of the dragon was really fun. And this was different because there were illustrations which broke up what can be some very heavy reading. (GRRM’s series is fun but sometimes you can feel like you’re in the midst of a history lesson which I suppose isn’t that far from the truth. It’s just a fictional history lesson.)

All in all I liked getting into the written world of the series again. Plus, there weren’t nearly as many characters to get this know this time around. Dunk and Egg are the stars and they were enjoyable to read about. They were honorable and good and had interesting lives. So if you, like me, are seeking something to tide you over until The Winds of Winter finally comes out then this is for you.


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