To Read or Not to Read?

Soundless by Richelle Mead

Special Note: Way back in 2015 I read a preview of this book through a NetGalley offer and then a few months later I received the full book in an OwlCrate book subscription box. And, months later, I finally managed to get around to reading it. And, since I received part of it through NetGalley, I feel obligated to writing up a review even though I really don’t want to.

Soundless (no pun intended) sounded interesting enough. An utterly gorgeous cover! A community of people who are isolated in so many ways (their village is at the top of a mountain only accessible via a rickety old zip line AND they can’t hear.) The little quirks and plot points sounded interesting. I wanted to know why and how the community was like it was. And I found out but the journey there was just so disappointing.

First of all, it took so long for me to get too because it was boring. I felt like the plot wasn’t going anywhere fast enough and it was bogged down with unimportant stuff. And the community made no sense. There were miners, artists, and suppliers…no mention of anyone using any other talents so how did that work? That doesn’t make any sense at all. What happened if someone got sick? Who took care of and taught the children of these people? Why weren’t there people assigned to trying to figure out ways to sustain the community without the help of the people at the bottom of the zip line? That would have been more useful than the artists literally spending hours making a newspaper timeline that surely could have been simplified.

Secondly, one of the blurbs I kept seeing was that Soundless was supposed to be so cool because it was a Chinese based folktale. Yep, people had Chinese names. That was the extent of that.

The world and the character’s just weren’t written well or with enough details. I couldn’t picture the world. I couldn’t picture, and didn’t really care, about any of the characters. It was just sad.


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