To Read or Not to Read?

Smart Girl by Rachel Hollis

Note: I received a free copy of Smart Girl, written by Rachel Hollis, from NetGalley and figured I should probably get around to writing a review since it already took me so long to get around to reading the book.

When I went to add Smart Girls to my ‘currently reading’ list on Goodreads I was a little annoyed at myself and apprehensive because I hadn’t realized that it was book three in a series and I was afraid I’d have to either let this book go to waste or hunt down the first two books in the series. But fortunately I gave it a try anyways and I really enjoyed it and I wasn’t nearly as lost as I thought I would be!

Apparently the The Girls series is about three friends, this one being about the quirky designer named Miko and her attempts to get Liam Ashton to fall in love with her by using tips and tricks she’s picked up from reading romance novels. So, for an avid book lover such as myself, this was definitely a cute idea even though there were quite a few groan worthy moments.

I also really liked all the characters even though the group of friends seemed a little incestuous. A group of three friends, one has two brothers so of course the other friends have ended up/want to end up with said brothers? And the siblings friends are friends too? That was a bit much. But the characters were interesting and I like them and I almost feel like I should go back and read the other two books but then again, why bother when I’ve already read the epilogue and now how everyone’s story ends.

Now, let’s get to the one aspect of the story that I didn’t like which is a pretty big spoiler so, don’t read if you don’t want to know how it all ends:

I’ve known guys like Liam. Guys that will be your boyfriend in all but name. Guys that will play with your emotions and act like they don’t even realize they’re doing it or make excuses. And sure, Liam did have reasons to be emotionally unstable but he’s never really shown working through them and then Bam! suddenly he wants all of this commitment that he never wanted before only because Miko left him. It would have been more believable if he’d at least spent a few months, heck I’d even take a few weeks, working through his own issues before he made a move.

But overall I really liked the book even though I hadn’t read the rest of the series.


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