Literary Musings

Social Media and Books

Way back in the day when I first joined the social media network known as Twitter I had a dream and a goal. That goal was to direct a Tweet at a celebrity, at the time I was aiming for the actors and actresses from the ABC show Once Upon a Time, to respond to one of my Tweets. And this wasn’t necessarily the most outlandish expectations because people on shows have a tendency to do these events where they Tweet the fans during the show. (Which if you think about it, doesn’t really make a lot of sense. “Oh instead of actually watching the show spend the entire hour Tweeting at me a million times to see if I finally respond!”)

After weeks of failed attempts I gave up on that.

And then I came up with an even better idea. What do I like doing most of all? Why, that would be reading! And guess what? A lot of authors have Twitter accounts! (Though I’m sure, just like other celebrities, that some of the really busy authors have someone to Tweet for them, at least occasionally. Which I’m okay with.)

Now a lot of times when I’m reading, especially if I really like the book, then I’ll direct a Tweet towards the author. And to my amazement I’ve gotten quite a few to respond. I’ve learned what scenes certain authors loved and hated to write, I’ve had an author give a shout out to my book club which was reading her book, and even more awesome…I’ve actually had an author share one of my book reviews with her followers!

So I’ve really come to enjoy using social media. At least when it comes to my reading and writing life.



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