Short Stories

Notebook. Iced coffee. Computer.

Pre-writing note: I figure I should get back into the swing of things when it comes to writing prompts considering the fact that next month I’m starting up a Teen Writing Club and I’m going to be asking the kids to try their hands at a whole bunch of prompts themselves.

Prompt: Use three items around you in your story. My chosen items include a notebook, a glass of iced coffee, and a computer.

Marissa’s eyes darted back and forth between her notebook pages and her computer screen as her fingers flew across the keyboard as furiously as possible. It was July 27th and she was so behind it wasn’t even funny.

But what was she behind on exactly, you may ask. Well that would be Camp NaNoWriMo, more formerly known as Camp National Novel Writing Month, a month where writers set word count goals for themselves and were supposed to make those goals by the end of the month.

Now normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Honestly what would happen if someone didn’t meet their self-imposed goal? Nothing, that’s what. Except this time around Marissa had promised her publisher that she would have her newest novel completed by the end of the July session and she just wasn’t there yet. In fact, she wasn’t even close. And her cat, Luna, suddenly very affectionate wasn’t helping.

With a sigh she picked up her notebook again (forced to push the cat away again) and leafed through it looking at her character sketches and her outlines and everything else. She just worked so much better when things were handwritten first though she always typed them up at some point. She just hadn’t gotten around to it yet and so she was forced to flip and not use a simple ‘find’ tool on the computer.

She had just found what she’d been looking for when her doorbell rang and she made a choice that would haunt her for quite some time. She placed her notebook on the table next to the couch.

By the time she came back she was faced with a spilled glass of iced coffee, a very sticky cat, and a ruined notebook and she sank to the floor, tears spilling from her eyes.

It was just not her day.


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