Literary Musings

Sex Sells (or at least gets you views)

I’ve heard the statement “sex sells” about a hundred different times from a hundred different sources in regards to more things than I can count. Class discussions about advertising to people complaining about things on the interwebs. And though I already knew it was very true it was recently, once again, made very clear to me.

Now I’m not sure if anyone is even reading this section of my blog or whether or not they remember things I’ve said in previous posts but as a refresher…I recently admitted that I have a secret fanfiction account where I write pieces of a more smutty nature. And with my most recent piece I was stuck in a fun conundrum.

I always like to have some plot with my smut and the story I was writing was super on the long side, with the smutty portion taking up what would be the last half of the story. So I either had to put up a verrry long post all at once or separate it out. Sure I could have posted it all at once but still in different chapters but then something else happened. One of my keys stopped working on my computer. A key that made it a huge pain in the ass to type so much at one time. A key that wouldn’t go back on no matter how I tried and resulted in the purchase of a new computer.

But I didn’t want to sit on the story forever! So I went ahead and released the first half of the story which had very little sexual content. And it got a handful of views and very little “likes”. And then I posted the second half and the darn story has practically exploded! The amount of “likes” I’ve gotten on it since has skyrocketed!

Now I suppose I could contribute some of it to the fact that it went from an incomplete story to a completed one but what I’m thinking is that age old saying just came true. There was more sex and sex sells.

Which is kind of making me wonder if, when I finally get around to trying to get a novel published, if I should be writing more sex scenes. Hmm…


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