Short Stories

Fanfiction Preview: Tortured Soul

This right here is a little preview of a fanfiction piece I posted on and it contains spoilers for Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls.

Author’s Note: I read the first Mortal Instruments trilogy waay back in the day when it was first published and then reread them once I’d realized Cassandra Clare had wrote more I read those too but never really felt the need to write fanfiction about the characters though I read a lot of it. But then the movie came out and the newer TV series came out and I kept wondering how they were going to do the whole Sebastian/Jonathan thing and how far they’d go when filming that one scene from City of Lost Souls. You know, that scene where Sebastian/Jonathan attempted rape of his sister…and I wondered if, in the show, they would actual address the attempted rape because they never really did in the book and that upset me. So I’m addressing it here.

Clary had just settled in a chair outside of the Infirmary when her mom rushed down the hall, her dark red hair flowing behind her.

“Don’t worry mom. I know I can’t see Jace until Brother Za˗”

“That’s not it,” Jocelyn interrupted. “We just received a missive from someone. We’re to all meet in the Sanctuary so everyone can weigh in on the discussion we need to have about it.”

The door to the Infirmary opened and Brother Zachariah appeared from the shadows inside. He looked first at Jocelyn and then Clary. We will join you as well he spoke into their minds.

Clary stood up, her heart pounding. “By ‘we’ do you mean you and Jace?” she asked as she attempted to peek around the Silent Brother and further into the Infirmary. It had been two days she’d freed Jace from Sebastian’s control, inadvertently imbuing him with Heavenly fire instead of killing him (thank the Angel) and she’d yet to see him. Something about safety issues and what not which her mother was quick to bring up.

“I’m not sure that would be wise, Brother Zachariah. I can only imagine how angry this will make Jace.”

Clary couldn’t hear what Brother Zachariah said next but it didn’t take long for Jocelyn to bow her head in agreement. Then Zachariah walked back into the Infirmary, letting the door shut firmly behind him.

“What’s so important that he’d let Jace out?” Clary asked, her eyes glued to the door.

Jocelyn just sighed. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Maryse stood up once everyone got over Jace’s sudden appearance in the Sanctuary and he was seated a safe distance away from anything that could burn. “I know it’s heavenly and all but this Heavenly Fire is a bitch,” he muttered, his nose wrinkling at the smell of the fire retardant the Lightwoods had doused the chair with.

“Hush Jace,” the Head of the Institute admonished before turning back to the group at large. “I called you here because, just hours ago, we received a message left for us in the library. I don’t know when or how it was delivered but I do know who it’s from.”

“And the messenger is who exactly?” Magnus asked as he toyed with the sparks dancing across his fingertips. He was making a good attempt at seeming normal but his seat, the farthest one from Alec, proved that everything was not oaky between the couple.

“Sebastian. Or Jonathan. Whatever you wish to call him.”

Clary froze. Of course she’d wondered, feared that her brother was still alive but she hadn’t known for sure.

“What does he want?” Alec asked, his voice tight.

Maryse took a deep breath before replying. “He wants Clary.”


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