To Read or Not to Read?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8

Since I’ve been reading more and more graphic novels lately and I have better library access to graphic novels I decided it was a good time to finally finish reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

For those of you who don’t know, while the first seven seasons of Buffy were on television, they decided to continue on with the series in graphic novel form for season eight. I thought that was a rather odd but interesting choice. I liked Buffy enough to want to know what was in store for her but I also didn’t like that the format changed in the middle. (I’m the kind of girl that had to grit my teeth every time I saw my original Harry Potter collection which was books one and two in paperback and the rest in hardcover. Fortunately my hardcover collection was completed and it all looks better now.) But I went ahead and read the graphic novels anyways.

And honestly? I’m just really glad I switched over from buying the books to checking them out from the library because Season Eight was ridiculous. I was doing just fine and really appreciated seeing the characters return but then travels to the future, aliens, and a certain good guy turned villain plot point came into play and it was just too damn weird. Now I think I read where they went kind of all out and wild and crazy with the season just because they could. (Drawing pictures of space travel and epic battles is a lot less expensive than filming them.) And that’s fine, that’s understandable. But why go so far as to have aliens and literal out of this world sex in what has always been more fantasy than sci-fi? It was jarring and, according to many of the reviews I’ve seen, I’m not the only Buffy fan who thought so.

So though the characters, except for the certain one I won’t name, seemed pretty true to their TV selves and I liked checking in with them again I’m not sure I’ll be keeping up with the comics because of the complete absurdity of it all.


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