Library Life

Storytime Nerves

Back at the beginning of the year I was working at the MLJ Library where I was the only person in the Youth Services department so every storytime, every week was on me. And honestly, even though I completely and totally loved it, I was already getting burnt out after having had the position for five months. Choosing books and coming up with crafts and such that toddlers and preschoolers will pay attention to and be able to do can be exhausting though certain websites (I’m looking at you Pinterest) can be extraordinarily helpful.

So when I got my Way Library position I was happy because, although it primarily focuses on an area of librarianship which is my favorite (programs and book buying for the teen crowd…because honestly I’m a teenager at heart), the Youth Services department actually does rotational storytimes. So that means all four of us in the department takes turns doing a six week storytime session. It means you have months to plan your storytimes and you get to both enjoy the little kiddos and get away from them at times which is pretty much awesome.

Only it means that it has been nearly six months since the last time I led a storytime and, after helping out the other girls in the department, I know that it’s going to be very different from my last job. Mostly just because it’s going to be a full house. Because at Way storytime is a big thing. As in, we do preregistration and all twenty-five slots per storytime were filled within an hour of registration opening. That’s nothing like MLJ where I’d plan everything out and be lucky to get three kids to show up for my super awesome day of stories and crafts.

And I do have some awesome books planned, books I’ve read through so many times I’ve nearly memorized them, and songs and activities and the craft are also ready to go as well. But still, I’m sitting here and basically counting down the time until my storytime starts tomorrow. Just over twelve hours! And on top of that, construction on pretty much the only road I can use to get to work starts tonight.

So needless to say, I am beyond nervous! But I’m also super excited. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well!


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