Library Life

I Survived Storytime

On Wednesday I covered my first storytime session in quite a few months and, since September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, I thought it would be a cool idea to theme it around the concept of books and reading. I tried to do a similar theme at my last library and just couldn’t find enough good books to use but this time I did!

Now the main problem with a Preschool storytime is that it’s for three to six year olds. That’s quite a bit of an age difference when it comes to choosing books and activities that will please as many people as possible. You need stuff that’s catchy and books that have good pictures and aren’t too text heavy. And you have to be prepared for things to not quite go how you’d expected. If, for example, a book has someone mentioning their favorite color then you better be prepared for each and every kid to also want to tell you their favorite color. That can make you feel a little panicky and throw off your flow.

So I had action type catchy tunes picked out, Silly Dance Contest, which I was just introduced to earlier in the year and absolutely LOVE, and Shake Your Sillies Out which is always good when the kids are getting a bit too wiggly. I had a book themed rhyme with the use of a finger puppet and even had a little boy go “aww” when he saw it. I had four pretty good books that worked out well even though I did have to switch one out from the first to the second storytime because it was a bit too text heavy. But I found a great replacement and made my second session even better!

It’s kind of funny though. I really don’t like public speaking but, just like when I did theater in high school, it’s like I’m playing a part. I get all nervous before hand but then I get up there to actually do it and all of that disappeared. I made a few mistakes but didn’t worry about it because the kids certainly didn’t, heck they either didn’t notice at all or just laughed and moved on! So that’s what I did too.

All in all I really enjoyed getting into the swing of programming for little kids again and I’m already getting ready for next week. Bring on the lions!


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