Literary Musings

Fanfiction Account Updates

After many, many years of reading fanfiction for a whole slew of fandoms I’ve become somewhat prolific in writing my own stories. Since was the first site I stumbled upon where people shared their writings and love for different fandoms that was also the one I chose to grace with my masterpieces. But then I stumbled upon Archive of Our Own which is also a wonderful site for fanfiction. And now my heart is torn.

I, of course, want to continue posting on to because that’s where a lot of my loyal followers and readers hang out and I would hate to abandon them but honestly, I’ve found a lot more freedom over on Archive of Our Own. So I’ve recently started adding my previously written pieces over there.

Now I’m sure there are some readers who follow both sites and who may not appreciate the cross posting but I also know there are readers who find one site and stick with what they know. I know I did that for years. And if you have a free weekend and want to get some major fanfiction reading done you could fairly easily, at least if you have specific tastes, find and read everything that’s new. So I figure that by posting my stories on two different websites (making sure from now on to indicate that I am cross posting) I can let more readers read my work. And isn’t that what any writer wants? For more people to be able to enjoy their work.

If anyone is interested in fanfiction, especially Harry Potter, then feel free to check out my About Me page and find links to my author pages on both and Archive of Our Own.


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