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In less than a week I will be hosting my library’s first (first as far as I know…) teen writing club which I have named the Write Stuff Teen Writing Club. Yep, I went with some lame wordplay and I did it without consulting with the teens first. Now I know it probably would have been better to have them name themselves but…well first of all, I needed to have a logo all ready to go for our promotional materials, and secondly, I’d be half afraid that if I left it up to the teens they’d be named “Teen Writing Club” for the foreseeable future. Not that the teens that show up to things aren’t clever/don’t have ideas, I just figured they’d come up with about a hundred different awesome ideas and never settle on one. So the Write Stuff it is.

Now with my degree in writing and my experience doing fanfiction and blog posts and what not I figured I’d have little issues with putting the whole thing together. And I do honestly have a whole slew of ideas that I’m pretty sure are going to turn out awesome though I have a sneaking suspicion they won’t want to share much, at least not at first, and I know it would be so much more fun if they did share but I understand…I hated having to share my written work out loud. I still do actually. And that’s kind of the problem.

If you didn’t notice, I’ve kind of been in a short story slump lately. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a writing prompt on here. It’s not that I’ve stopped writing all together, I actually have about four different fanfictions going on right now. The problem is that I haven’t been wanting to write anything short. Every single thing I’ve worked on this summer has just become a bigger and bigger idea until I find myself 6,000 words deep into a piece. Which is actually not a bad thing when I don’t have word count restrictions or anything but when I want to work on short stories and writing prompts during a writing club. Because one of the great tips I heard was to do the exercises along with the teens and be willing to share which may be hard if I can’t keep anything short and sweet.

So I’m just hoping that, by our first Write Stuff meeting on Wednesday, I’ll be able to keep it brief!


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