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During the first ever session of the Way Library Teen Writing Club, which I named Write Stuff, we got to know one another by using Rory’s Story Cubes for collaborative writing prompts. Some of the stories actually came together quite well but I don’t feel as though it would be appropriate for me to use their words on my blog. But I will type up the sentences I wrote just for posterity. My sentences from earlier will be regular font while my commentary will be in italics.

Teresa looked at the arrows in front of her, trying to decide which direction to go. Finally she choose to turn right.

Oops…during the session one of the girls made a big fuss because someone wrote down “choose” instead of “chose” and I told her the club was for learning and that people made mistakes sometimes. I didn’t realize until now that the mistake had been mine. Oops.

A mystery which involved a masked murder and the murder weapon which was a cane.

I struggled with this one. It’s hard to just throw a random plot point into the mix. In this case it was the cane which is what I rolled with my Rory Story Cube. But it ended up adding an odd bit of flair to the mystery so I stand by that sentence.

But Mary wasn’t a fish and she knew it. In fact she wasn’t an Earth animal at all. She was an alien.

A lot of things can be easily thrown into a story and still make sense. Aliens are not one of them.

Emma was doing just that, flying, when her phone rang. She landed really fast so she could answer it and she was glad she had when she saw who was calling.

“Hi mom,” she answered.

Probably my best sentences of the day and they were perfectly positioned, being the second to last sentence, to throw some turmoil into the story.

Just touch the lightning.

“Touch the lightning? What does that mean?” Teresa asked.

And then a thunderstorm started off in the distance and the mermaid smirked. “It’s your decision.”

Teresa took a deep breath and ran towards the storm.

I ended up starting and finishing this short story which I didn’t mean to and let me tell you…it was hard. Don’t get me wrong, the “assignment” was fun but gosh was the frustrating! I hope I didn’t scare anyone off from coming to Writing Club again!


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