To Read or Not to Read?

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

* Warning: this review for The Thousandth Floor is going to be full of spoilers.

I thought The Thousandth Floor sounded really interesting. The gist is that, sometime in the future, a massive building with a thousand floors is built and it’s a whole city unto itself with schools and gyms and aquariums. There are literally townhouses and streets and everything within the building. The lower the floor the crappier the situation with cockroaches and dead end jobs and a lack of technology while the rich ones live on the upper level floors and have things we could only dream of. They have vehicles which hover and drive themselves, all immersive virtual reality games, the equivalent of text messages which are displayed across crazy expensive contacts and even floating bubbles of alcohol at one of the bars.

But no matter what floor you live on there are secrets. And, as we see in the opening scene, secrets can be deadly. One night a young girl falls from the top of the building. But before we get to that night we have to be introduced to each of the major characters and see what’s been going on in their lives leading up to the fall.

First there’s Avery Fuller who, in her first POV chapter, is seen walking on the top of the building which she has access to because she lives on the top floor.( In my mind this automatically ruled her out as the one who would fall.) She’s literally been genetically designed by her parents to be perfect.
And she’s written so that she’s disgustingly so. She’s beautiful but not vain. She’s thoughtful and giving and has literally no flaw. Oh, other than the fact that she’s in love with her adopted brother.

(Side note…in most cases that wouldn’t squick me out. Step-sibs and adopted sibs aren’t blood related however, in this case, Avery was only four when her sibling came into the picture. If they’d both been nearing or past puberty when they first became family I would have been okay with it. But they were raised together! Blood or not they should totally see each as family!)

Then there’s Rylin, a poor girl just trying to do what’s best for her family which leads to her secrets and what gets her into trouble. She was probably my favorite character but even she wasn’t as fleshed out as she could have been.

And there’s Watt, the only male POV. He’s less rich than the others and his big secret is that he has an illegal computer implanted inside his brain. This means he’s most often seen hacking other’s information which he sells to help support his family.

That leads us to Leda and Eris who were the most screwed up of the two. Both start out as spoiled rich girls. Then Eris discovers her dad isn’t really her dad and she loses all her money which forces her down to the bottom of the Tower. She has struggles but finds a girlfriend and discovers who her real dad is. Leda is the drugged up one who wants to know everyone’s business and use it against them. Only she doesn’t learn enough, at least not in the major conflict.

When these characters end up on the roof of the building Avery is happy because her brother loves her too and they plan to run away together. Rylin’s upset about a boy issue which Eris is trying to speak to her about and Leda is high as a kite and mad because she’s in love with Avery’s brother too and knows what’s going on with Avery and her brother. She also thinks Eris is dating her dad (nope…Eris has just recently found out that Leda’s dad is her dad). And Leda knows dirty secrets about Watt and Rylin.

That means the power is all in Leda’s hand when she shoves Eris who slips and falls off the roof of the tower. And the other characters, afraid of their secrets getting out, let Leda get away it. Which is why there’s a secret. Honestly one of them should have made Leda “trip” and then all their problems would have went away. But nope, they’re going to stay blackmailed.

Yes this book was convoluted. The characters were annoying and I kept getting their relationships to one another all confused. Leda and Eris were pretty interchangeable. And, heck even the amazing technological advancements were annoying.

So my suggestion is to just pass this one on by.


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