Short Stories

Let’s Face It

Writing Prompt from The Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer

“Let’s Face It”- This prompt contains a list of facial features to choose from. The goal is to circle attributes and then use them to embody a character using the given first line “No one ever said I was…”. Below are the facial features I chose:

Face Shape: heart          Skin Type: fair          Eye Shape: crescent          Eye Color: blue

Nose: button                    Cheeks: rosy            Hair Color: silver                Hair Texture: straight

Mouth/Lips: full              Teeth: pearly           Chin/Jaw: square chin      Other: heavy cosmetics

“No one ever said I was…”

pretty but I wanted to be the prettiest. I wanted to be ethereal and perfect so I became an elf. Not a real elf of course.

What I became was a cosplayer. I used make up and wigs to become exactly what I’d always wanted to be. And people loved it. They just didn’t know who I really was inside.



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