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Book Club Tinted Glasses

You know how people use the phrase “rose colored glasses” when they talk about someone seeing something in a better light than they really should? Well, I’ve recently done a re-read of a book that I enjoyed last year only this time around I’m wearing my “book club tinted glasses.”

So I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world “book club tinted glasses” could mean. Now that I’m out of college I typically read books just for fun and just because I want to read said book. I read for me. So that means I’m free to enjoy cheesy books and I’m not worried about the judgement of other people. Only now that I’m in charge of a book club that’s not always the case.

Last year around this time I read a somewhat cheesy, creepy book and I enjoyed it. That’s part of the reason why I assigned it for this month’s book club. I figured October needed a creepy book but I didn’t want to go too overboard and assign something that actually had me freaking out while reading it. (That usually happens with psychological thrillers…the main character goes crazy to the point where I feel like I’m going crazy and it’s so good but it’s sooo bad at the same time.) I don’t want to traumatize any teens and have the fury of their parents focused on me.

Only now that I’m re-reading it for book club I’ve been looking at it from the teen’s point of view. I’m wearing my “book club tinted glasses” and thinking about it in regards of discussion questions and whether or not the teens will like it. And it’s coming up short. It doesn’t seem like it was enough of what I’d intended.

The cheesiness seemed multiplied from how I remember it. There were a lot less scares than I remembered. The characters seemed like silly caricatures and I’m not sure the teens will really relate to anyone. And that has me worried for tomorrow’s book club.

I’m hoping the reason I wasn’t into it as much this year is because I just read it last year and so I remember it too well. Because if that’s not the reason it was so bad then I may very well have a bunch of kids thinking I’m crazy for having them read such a stupid book.  But maybe it will turn out okay either way?


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