Library Life


Now that I’m on the last week of my six week storytime session, and more or less comfortable with what I’ve been doing, I have a whole new reason to be nervous. Tomorrow on of the other Youth Services Librarians is going to be out on vacation so I am going to cover her storytime. The catch? Instead of working with Preschoolers I’m going to be working with toddlers.

Now that may not seem like that big of a difference when you think about the age gap between the two groups I’ve already been working with (teens and preschoolers) but a year is dramatically different when you’re talking about two year olds and three year olds. And that has me nervous all over again. Especially since the other librarian mapped everything out for me and there is going to be so much singing. I’m okay with singing along with CDs and what not but songs, rhymes, and chants where it’s just my voice? Well, let’s just say that I generally try not to do those often in my regularly scheduled storytime. No one should ever have to hear me attempt to sing.

But I’m definitely going to try to focus on the positives. As long as no one starts crying (please storytime gods, keep the little ones from crying!) toddlers are generally adorable. Plus we’re covering dinosaurs which are always fun. And it’s tradition for the toddler time to involve the blowing of bubbles. Bubbles are so much fun!

So hopefully I’m able to focus on all of that instead of the various reasons to be nervous. Gulp!


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