To Read or Not to Read?

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I’m reading old classics and books I remember hearing about but never actually got around to reading. So when it got to be October, where I like to read books of a somewhat creepy nature, I decided that The Turn of the Screw, which is supposed to be this creepy old ghost story with two haunted/possessed children (and hauntings and children are the worst) would be the perfect book to pick up.

But then I actually read it. First of all, nothing about this book was creepy or remotely scary. When the figures appeared I wasn’t scared and neither did the characters seem scared by the apparitions. It was just more a general sense of confusion and questions. Even the question of the governesses sanity, which when written well can seem even creepier than outright horror, was not in the least bit scary nor were the kids.

And even worse was how the book was written. So many circular conversations and outright idiocy of the characters involved. And the emphasis on things like for an example of my own, “You mean to say that it was HIM?” “Yes, HIM,” replied the governess.” Um…okay? I’ve read many a classic and I don’t remember reading anything quite this oddly written. It was a no go for me


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